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Showcase of Baskets

I love weaving custom basket orders! Over the past few years I've received some pretty unusual requests ... a side car for a motor scooter, a gondola for a child's birthday that was large enough to hold a GROUP of five year old kids, 80 pie baskets for a convention in less than three weeks, a basket for an antique surrey buggy with wrought iron handles for showcase competition, and a basket for a "picnic table mobile" to name just a few. And some of that listing, I did actually weave. Short story ... no request is too odd and because I do love a challenge, I might just say, "Sure!, Let's do it!". 

Here's a sampling of some various baskets. Contact me with your request.

Bathroom Remodel Baskets by Bright Expectations Baskets This was my first big order for custom baskets back in 2012. An interior designer asked for 18 baskets to coordinate with a Mexican vessel style sink in a bathroom remodel. 
Bathroom Set in Black Onyx and Slate Gray by Bright Expectations Baskets Matching basket set for a bathroom in slate grey and ebony black. Toilet paper holder, tall hamper, and low storage for towels.
Afghan and Table Baskets in Dark Brown and Turquoise by Bright Expectations Baskets Coordinating large afghan basket and table basket. Baskets are woven in dark brown and blue spruce. The double walled design highlights contrasting interiors and exteriors.
Twin Laundry Baskets by Bright Expectations Baskets His and hers laundry hampers for the master bath. 
"Isabella" and "Annabelle" Gathering Baskets by Bright Expectations Baskets Large gathering baskets in a twill weave design. "Isabella" shown with black onyx accent and "Annabelle" with smoked.
Huge Double Walled Laundry Basket by Bright Expectations Baskets Extra large laundry basket on a 12x20 wood base. The double walled design creates a sturdy basket. Autumn inspired accent weaving.
Beaded Autumn Table Vase by Bright Expectations Baskets Loved learning the Cat Head base with Patty Feather. This basket pattern is called Beaded Autumn.
Ribbed Egg Basket by Bright Expectations Baskets Egg baskets come in all sizes - and shapes too. The classic ribbed design allows eggs to be gathered without rolling into one another. The God's Eye provides a focal point.
Stair Step Baskets by Bright Expectations Baskets Stair step baskets can be customized to fit any size riser or step width. Choose your pattern and/or accent color.
Basket "Drawers" by Bright Expectations Baskets No drawers? No problem. Customize specialty drawers for your kitchen or pantry. Any size, any color, any pattern.
Yin and Yang by Bright Expectations Baskets Yin and Yang simply means "two halves that complete each other". This double walled basket has an opposite interior and exterior depicting the inward flow and the outward flow.
Credenza Storage for Southwest Den by Bright Expectations Baskets Creating visually appealing yet functional storage, was the task at hand for the southwest decor of an Arizona den. 
Entertainment Center Drawer Storage by Bright Expectations Baskets The narrow spaced shelf below the large screen television on an entertainment center was filled nicely with these customized drawers.
Fog on the Mountain by Bright Expectations Baskets The slate grey space dyed reed set the stage for this basket that I called "Fog on the Mountain". I liked the look so much that it ended up on my business cards.
Custom Corner Baskets by Bright Expectations Baskets Have a corner that is dead, useless space? Choose a custom sized corner basket with your color and pattern preferences.
Five Matching Shelf Baskets by Bright Expectations Baskets Shelf organization is no problem with customized baskets. Leather strap handle pulls give these baskets the feel of drawers.
The Angel Choir by Bright Expectations Baskets Being a basket weaver isn't always tedious work. Sometimes I get a little creative and have some fun. Love these curly headed angels!
Decorative Vase by Bright Expectations Baskets A unique vase I wove one afternoon. I didn't really have a plan but loved the result!
Woven Art on Mule Deer Antler by Bright Expectations Baskets My handmade art piece for my dad's birthday. Woven in a free form method letting the curves of the antler dictate the end shape.
Super Large Hampers by Bright Expectations Baskets Custom made cabinetry lids with in-laid handmade handles were the perfect finish to these super sized hampers. Without a doubt, this was one of my more unique orders!