New - Drilled Bases

A new line of miniature sized wood bases are now available. These amazing pre-drilled bases can be purchased in both 3" and 4" diameter. A lot of character is layered into the paint layers creating a one-of-a-kind base for your next pine needle coiling project.

But you want to use traditional weaving techniques? No problem! These mini bases will accept #2 round reed for creating a small twined basket. You're only held back by your own imagination. So it's time to create!

The demand for these bases is currently about exceeding my capabilities of keeping them stocked in my Etsy shop. I simply had no idea they would be so wildly popular. Each base takes about 10 days for the multiple processes to be completed and the layers fully cured. But know that I've continually got more in the works.

If you'd like to see when I have more available, please follow along on my Facebook business page. In order to be notified, you must first LIKE the page, then under the FOLLOWING tab and NOTIFICATIONS, choose ALL. Facebook will then provide you with a notification when I make a post. And hopefully you'll score an opportunity to purchase one of these lovelies!

How did you do that?

I get asked this a lot! Each wood base has been hand painted using various acrylic paint pouring techniques. The most popular design is called the "bloom technique" since it can resemble the center of a flower. The lacing affect and cells can be difficult to achieve and takes a lot of practice! Using a bloom as the base technique, you can also alter the affect by spinning the base with pooled paint on a turntable - and yes, paint can fly just about everywhere! You can also add "swipes" to create other affects as well.

Other techniques you might see on my wood bases are straight pours, dirty pours, or simply just tilts. I can get lost in my own mind with the swirling of ideas to try. I've started keeping a small journal just to keep track! There have even been some beach inspired bases!

What makes the colors so vibrant?

That's the second most asked question. First, I begin with quality acrylic paints. Using the inexpensive craft bottles of paint simply won't give you these results. You have to learn which colors play nicely with each other too. For example, red and green paints do NOT normally pair well as you can end up with an ugly brown. Next, figure out how to layer in metallic and iridescent layers. While they don't photograph well, the in-person affect of the sparkle and shine is quite remarkable.

And finally, to make those layers of paint POP, there's no alternative to coating each and every one of them with epoxy resin. While this is not a cheap product to purchase or necessarily an easy-to-apply top coat, there's not another finish available that compares.

Metallic & Iridescent!

Vibrant and Each One Unique!

Will you teach me how to do that?

I'm a basket weaver at heart. And try as I might, I would love to be a pine needle coiler too. But alas, some things are not meant to be and I don't think I'll ever be proficient as a coiler. Marrying the painted bases back to basket weaving has been a tedious process with a HUGE learning curve. Instead of one step forward and one step back, it's been more like one step forward and THREE steps back. I read recently that saying "I can't" is nothing more than an excuse to keep from trying. I'm taking that to heart and plan to keep on improving.

But I am working on some class ideas. I hope to be able to demonstrate the technique at the 2021 Weaving in the Sunshine State basket weaving retreat in February within one of my classes. However, to teach the actual techniques to students requires more one-on-one instruction with hands-on experimenting. Plus it would take more supplies than I can provide in a larger classroom environment. Maybe someday!

But I want SLOTTED bases!

That's exactly what I plan to be teaching on at the Weaving in the Sunshine State basket retreat in February. In fact, I have some special designs worked up that are definitely unique and out-of-the-box kind of thinking. I will also have kits available to purchase if you're not in one of my classes.

I also plan to have a variety of slotted bases available to purchase as well in the near future. Again, follow along on my Facebook page "Bright Expectations" to receive notifications of when those are available. I will have a variety of sizes available as well as color options to choose from.

And of course, you'll see more on my website too as this new line of bases evolve. Patience is a virtue my weaving friends! And the anticipation is killing me and you both!

Customer Reviews

"You just cannot imagine how much even prettier they are in person!"

Kimberley D.  -  26 June 2020

"My experience with Becky could not have been better! I plan to do a lot of business with her."

Deborah B.  - 4 June 2020

"Beautiful basket center! I'm so looking forward to using it!"

Gail W.  - 18 May 2020

Additional Resources:

If you would like to have a FREE pattern to weave a simple design created for the 4" round wood bases, click below.
"Blossom" (to the left) is a slightly smaller design. "Bloom" (to the right) adds a bit of height to the basket.

I get many requests asking which epoxy resin I use. KS Resin is the brand I choose and I couldn't be happier. It has a long working time, is VOC free, and has little to no odor. And they offer free shipping in the U.S.! Use this link to shop now.

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