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  • July: This is the 1st issue of The Reed Reader. Boy, did I have a lot to learn about what worked and what didn't! But every story needs a starting chapter, and this was my newsletter's beginning. I released to of my early baskets, "Lucy", the still-popular-today diaper caddie, and "Cassie" the patriotic bucket in honor of Independence Day.
  • August: What's on Your Weaving Table (or Floor)? A sneak peek into making do with whatever's on hand in my "weaving studio" (that's a really glorified term for my "kitchen", lol). Plus, learn to weave a double walled basket with "Randa". Need a large gathering basket? "Journey" is a great size and remains a good seller.
  • September:  Weaving out of your comfort zone will stretch your creativity juices with some wonderfully unique designs. "Beatrice" is my grandma's sewing basket re-vamped and ready for you to weave.
  • October: The ever popular subject of reed storage is discussed this month. How many times have you seen the question of the best method to use posted on Facebook? Cripes, folks ... do a SEARCH, lol. Plus lots of pattern freebies ... links to the best priced basket patterns.