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February 2018: Enjoy the photos from the 2018 Weaving in the Sunshine State basket weaving retreat. Oh what a time we had! Plan to join us in 2019. There will be a call out to teachers to apply for positions in March and registration will begin in August. A mini-series on E-Commerce begins this month with an article on Trademarking. Learn what it means, if you need one, and how to apply for one. "Aubrey" makes her debut as the featured pattern. Her floating, "halo" type of a rim is unique and actually quite easy and fun to do. This has been a VERY popular pattern in my online shop. Just click on "February 2018" to access the newsletter.

March 2018: The mini-series on E-Commerce continues with a discussion of domains - why you need one and how to get it. And you'll also learn of the potential pitfalls that could befall you if you let your website's domain registry expire. "Jagoda" is the new pattern for the month. She's full of techniques ... twill weaving, triple twining, randing, and topped off with a folded or match stick rim. 

April 2018: This issue recommences the conversation of E-Commerce focusing this month on Facebook business pages and their sponsorship of an online shop. For those that are too intimidated to jump in with a full website to sell their wares, this option may be an appealing alternative. It's also a battle of the beaded biscuit baskets with the release of "Cyan" and "Patchouli". "Patchouli" was taught at this year's Weaving in the Sunshine State basket weaving retreat, and "Cyan" is a new pattern for 2018 and will be taught at Camp Tuck-a-Basket in Normal, Illinois in September.

June 2018: I'm ending the series on E-Commerce with a discussion on Pinterest and the value in creating "rich pins" to promote your product. There's also some fun facts (you can then ace these questions in your next Trivial Pursuit game :o) about how E-Commerce began and what the first transactions involved (hint ... pizza and pot played a major role). I hope you'll check out the patterns released this month too. "Baby Paisley" is the offspring of her mama sized market and has fun-to-weave corner detailing and a Butterfly Knot atop her handle. "Gretchen" is featured for a second-go-round due to popular demand. You can conquer the Wretched Gretchen with this step-by-step in photos tutorial.

July 2018: The Retreat Brochure is now ready for the 2019 Weaving in the Sunshine State basket weaving retreat ... and registration is OPEN! What fun we are going to have in just a few short months that will simply fly by. The teachers and classes offered are nothing short of amazing! There are also two new pattern releases this month. "Raven" is a contemporary looking bucket style basket with leather strap handles. It's fun to weave and includes step-by-step instruction for the three strand braid weave. "Emily Grace" (named after my granddaughter) is a round market style basket with a wood base and a braided embellished handle. Can you tell I'm on a "braid" kick this month? Enjoy!

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