2020 Weaving in the Sunshine State Basket Weaving Retreat

Becky Bechtel

2020 Weaving in the Sunshine State Basket Weaving Retreat - Fort Myers, FloridaInterested in attending in 2020? Make sure that you are on the email notification list for when the Retreat Brochure is available (July 2019) by just clicking on the "contact us" button and sending me your email address. All correspondence for the weaving retreat is sent digitally - no hard copies are mailed to save costs.

Also stay tuned for a newly updated website to be released for the 2020 weaving retreat. You will be able to access the website page from both www.BrightExpectationsBaskets.com and www.WeavingInTheSunshineState.com

**Cue the Drum Roll** Teachers for 2020 are officially announced and I couldn't be more proud and pleased to do this big reveal. 

  • Trisha Brown - Nantuckets
  • Char Ciammaichella - Traditional
  • Jelena Clay - Gourds & Lauhala Jewelry
  • Jeanne Dudley - Traditional
  • Debbie Hurd - Traditional
  • Annetta Kraayeveld - Traditional & Paper
  • Bev Larson - Brooms & Rib Basketry
  • Peggy McCarson - Traditional
  • Barbara McCormick - Sweetgrass Coiling
  • Jimmie Earl & Mary McKinzie - Traditional
  • Pam Milat - Traditional
  • Alice Ogden - Black Ash
  • Billy Owens - White Oak
  • Bonnie Rideout - Traditional
  • Pam Talsky - Pine Needle & Jewelry
  • Karen Tembreull - Naturals
  • Becky Bechtel - Traditional

I hope to see you in 2020. A little birdie told me that it's going to be a very good year!

SAVE THE DATE! February 1-4, 2021! Getting a venue the size we need for the weaving retreat in south Florida in the peak of "season" is not an easy task. And booking WAY in advance is the only hope of securing it. So it's done! In 2021 (yep ... that's 2021), we'll be back at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Bell Tower Shops in Ft. Myers, Florida. Mark your calendars now so you won't be disappointed with a date conflict later. And you might notice also ... the dates are reserved for FOUR days of weaving in 2021. This is not yet cast in concrete, but it's reserved while it's being given some consideration. I'd love to hear your feedback!