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Weaving in the Sunshine State Basket Weaving Retreat

Posted by Becky Bechtel on

  Available Files: 2018 Registration Form 2018 Retreat Info Brochure 2018 Class Catalog 2018 Class Schedule 2018 Merchandise Order Form 9/29/2017: Class Assignments have been emailed out to each registrant. We still have openings in LOTS of great classes but the following are now completely full: TU-OG-2   Shaker Kitten Head with Alice Ogden WE-TA-2   Ocean Current with Pam Talsky WE-FE-3   Smoke and Roses with Patty Feather WE-BE-7   Layla / Gabbie with Becky Bechtel WE-KA-6   Cherokee Market with Candace Katz WE-HU-9   Ishi with Debbie Hurd WE-BE-15  Patchouli with Becky Bechtel WE-TA-16  Alaskan Cedar Bangles with Pam Talsky WE-CI-17   Twining for the...

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