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***** Instant Download - Pattern Only *****

"Cyan" is woven on a wood base. Learn to add the beaded rim accent that can be incorporated on any basket you weave.  You must be familiar with basic basket weaving techniques. The PDF pattern (in English) is available for download once payment has cleared.

Price is for the pattern only and NOT FOR THE FINISHED BASKET. If you would like this basket custom made for you, please send me a message.

Skill level: Advanced Beginner

Finished Size (Approximate): 8 1/2" Diameter x 4" Height

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:: You may use the pattern for weaving baskets for your personal use. Individualize them as you wish by altering colors, size, and/or design pattern. Be creative and be inspired.

:: You may create a basket and sell it at your local art or craft fair, the holiday bazaar at your church, or donate it for the fundraiser down at your child's school as long as credit is given to Bright Expectations as the basket designer.

:: You may print a hard copy of the pattern for your own personal use. If that pattern becomes unusable, by all means, print another one.

:: Want to show off your new basket? Go right ahead, but give a girl some credit! You may submit a photo of your finished basket using Bright Expectations patterns to web sites (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Stumbleupon, Twitter, etc.), magazines or other publications as long as proper credit is given to Bright Expectations Baskets. A credit with a link back to my website must be displayed (www.brightexpectationsbaskets.com).

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:: Don’t tell anyone (not even the newbie in your basket weaving group that you would like to impress with your weaving skills) that the pattern and/or designs are your own, no matter if you change them up a bit, add to them, or take from them.

:: You may NOT weave an exact basket like the design is portrayed on the pattern and proceed to sell the basket on Etsy or through any venue that Bright Expectations also markets finished baskets. That's not good for me or you - and plus, it's just plain rude.

Compiling the details for a basket weaving pattern along with good pictures is not a small task. I want to share the love of weaving with lots of people. I would just appreciate giving credit where credit is due and I appreciate your cooperation. Have fun and happy weaving!